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Skin Research Group


Welcome to the

Skin Research Group of Canada

Skin Research Group of Canada (SRGC) is represented by a consortium of new and established investigators across Canada working in basic and clinical research on skin disorders and diseases. SRGC is a non-profit organization promoting basic and clinical science related to skin biology and health.

By supporting skin research, the SRGC contributes towards improving the health of patients suffering from skin diseases by identifying novel preventative and therapeutic strategies. Applications of recent scientific advances have produced diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in dermatological/surgical practices, particularly in genetics, skin cancer, allergic skin disease, infectious disease and autoimmune diseases.

The SRGC facilitates exchange of information relevant to investigative dermatological sciences between clinicians and scientists in Canada and worldwide. One of the most important activities of our society is to promote the presentation of new research data and ideas at our annual scientific meetings and clinically oriented symposia. The SRGC organises educational events throughout the year to further knowledge in skin research. It also provides a forum for showcasing research by young investigators in the field and for fostering participation of skin patients alliance groups.

SRGC Membership

          Skin Research Group of Canada would like to invite your membership in our organization. Membership is open to all independent investigators directly engaged in skin research in academic institutions or in  industry /pharmaceutical companies and also to clinicians, Student and Resident researchers in skin field.

SRGC Committees

Lab Links

Reinhardt Lab

"The microfibril/elastic fiber system in health and disease"

Anie Philip Lab

"Skin and Cartilage Research"

Biernaskie Lab

"Tissue Morphogenesis and Regeneration"

Ivan V Litvinov

"Cancer Research Program"

Julie Fradette

"Regenerative Medecine Axis"

Lucie Germain

"Regenerative Medecine Axis"

Véronique Moulin

"Regenerative Medecine Axis"

SRGC 2020

Virtual Conference

November 12 - 13. 2020

SkIN Canada

Virtual Workshop

November 14, 2020


Anie Philip, PhD  

Professor, Department of Surgery

Director, Plastic Surgery Research, McGill

Graduate Program Director, Experimental Surgery, McGill University


Ivan V. Litvinov, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Assistant Professor, Co-Director of Research

FRQS, Chercheur Boursier

Division of Dermatology,

McGill University Health Centre

Vice President

Lucie Germain, PhD

Full Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of medicine

Université Laval, Quebec, QC, Canada

Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) on Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering

Scientific Director, LOEX

Researcher, CHU de Québec – Université Laval Research Centre

Board of Directors

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