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Normal skin function is essential for maintaining good health and quality of life. More than 50% of the Canadian population suffers from a skin disorder, disease or trauma. Many of these conditions reduce quality of life for patients and their families while some others are life threatening.

These create serious medical challenges in the elderly population due to other age related problems like diabetes and poor circulation. Treatment options are limited and often not satisfactory for serious clinical problems like excessive scarring that occurs following severe burns or traumatic injuries and psoriasis (a common skin disease).


The ultimate goal of skin research group is to increase the capacity to perform research on skin disorders and diseases in Canada and to identify novel preventative and therapeutic strategies. To achieve this goal we have initiated the assembly of a multidisciplinary Skin Research Group (SRG) focusing on skin repair, regeneration and restoration.

Skin research group is represented by a consortium of new and established investigators in basic and clinical research disciplines. An important component will be to foster participation of patient alliance groups and patient advocacy groups. Specific objective of the skin research group symposia is to identify priority research areas, ascertain patient and industry needs, and to develop partnerships. Consolidation of teams may facilitate application for major research funding at the provincial, national and international levels.