Call For Abstracts

membership application
membership application
Submission deadline
July 19, 2021

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends of SRGC,
The SRGC Annual Conference now invites abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations (Virtual or in person).

Abstract Submission Process:


Abstracts can be submitted here:
Submission of Multiple abstracts from the same presenting author is acceptable.
Abstract submissions will be received in an online format.
Submission deadline is Monday, July 19, 2021 8PM EST.


Abstracts may be submitted on any aspect of skin health-related research addressing recent advances in Basic Sciences and Clinical Applications.

The nature of abstracts may fall under:
•    Basic science research
•    Translational research
•    Clinical research
•    Patient care quality improvement research
•    Epidemiology research
•    Education in dermatology/skin surgery

The abstracts may be on any of the following topics:
•    Wound healing and skin regeneration
•    Skin fibrosis, skin elasticity and scleroderma
•    Psoriasis and Atopic eczema
•    Melanoma and skin cancer
•    Skin Lymphoma
•    Clinical and Epidemiological studies
•    Inflammatory skin disease
•    Outcomes research
•    Health Services Research
•    Genetic diseases
•    Surgical research
•    Skin Wellness
•    Infections
•    Therapeutics
•    Skin and nails

The call for abstracts is open to interested students, residents, fellows, research personnel, faculty and clinicians.
Abstract Guidelines:

Abstract Description:

In Word format or any other editable text format.

Abstracts should contain no more than 300 words. Images count as 50 words. Tables each count as 50 words 
Language of Submission: Abstracts may be submitted in English or in French.

Each abstract should include the following sections
•    Title of The Abstract
•    Authors and affiliations
•    Introduction
•    Methods
•    Results
•    Conclusions
•    Learning Objectives (3 - 5 learning objectives)
•    Takeaway Message

Abstracts sent via email will not be considered.
An acknowledgement of receipt of your submission(s) will be sent automatically to the submitting author by email upon completion of the online submission(s).
Abstracts may be prepared in either French or English and will be published in the program book in the language submitted.

Submitting authors may request to modify their abstracts until the closing date of Monday, July 19, 2021 8PM EST.