Travel Awards


We are pleased to announce the following selected oral abstract presenters traveling from outside Montreal region, who are awarded a travel bursary to attend the conference.

Layla Nabai

University of British Columbia

Extracellular Granzyme B in cutaneous leishmaniasis.

Martin Barbier


Ex vivo gene therapy of skin cells and autologous bilayered skin susbtitutes as a potential treatment for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa skin wounds.

Nadia Kashetsky

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Light and Laser-based Treatments for Granuloma Annulare: A Systematic Review.

Sarthak Sinha

University of Calgary

Single-cell multi-omics reveals skin regeneration is enabled in the absence of fibroblast inflammatory priming.

Wisoo Shin

University of Calgary

A shift in fibroblast heterogeneity in aging mice inhibits wound induced hair neogenesis (WIHN).

Serena Mandla

University of Toronto

Filling the wound gap: Clinical translation of an instructional peptide-modified hydrogel in xenografted human skin wounds.

Carla Spina

Exciton Pharma Corp.

Hypervalent Complexes in Wound Infection and Healing.

Katlyn Richardson

University of British Columbia

Granzyme K: A Novel Therapeutic Target for Psoriasis.

Megan Pawluk

University of British Columbia

Granzyme B Contributes to Radiation Dermatitis through E-Cadherin Cleavage and Loss of Epithelial Barrier Function.

Geneviève Rioux

Université Laval

Study of the role of pathological keratinocytes and their communication with T cells using tissue engineered psoriatic skin.

Sara Mirali

University of Toronto

Light and Laser-based Treatments for Hidradenitis Suppurativa: a Systematic Review.

Jordanna Roesler

University of British Columbia

Dermatological Conditions in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities of North America: A Systematic Review.

Sophie Morin

Université Laval

Investigation of the influence of alpha-linolenic acid in a 3-D engineered immunocompetent psoriatic skin model.

Shu Feng Zhou

Harvard medical school

Unraveling the contribution of ACTL6A, a chromatin remodeling factor, to immune evasion in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Brice Magne

Université Laval

Exploring the role of autophagy in skin pigmentation.

Emilie Attiogbe


Immunocompetent, vascularized, autologous 3D skin model reconstructed by tissue engineering for wound healing studies.

Karel Ferland


Using physiological factors to improve self-assembled skin substitutes pigmentation.